Queen of Regional Control, Her Proxies, and Forfeiture of your Representation -

Queen of Regional Control, Her Proxies, and Forfeiture of your Representation

Julie Pierce Supports These 3 Candidates

Clayton Campaign Signs

Please take time to read this and then do your own research.  This is very important.

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) is a regional authority that was never approved by voters.  ABAG creates subcommittees with their own sub-subcommittees to distant voter representation from interfering with their goals.  For Example, ABAG created the Housing Methodology Committee (HMC) that will address their internal policy, Regional Housing Allocation (RHNA).  These committees are forcing zoning amendments onto Clayton without citizens’ approval.


Confused?  That is their goal.

Who do you blame with so many layers of committees and arbitrary standards that are presented as “state mandated?”  ABAG Leaders push communities into development version of Sophie’s Choice.  They threaten us that future policies will be even more developer friendly.  Therefore, you better take your medicine now or else it will be worse later.

ABAG admits that we have no direct say in their decisions to push policies down onto our communities.  Their counterargument is that individual cities send elected representatives to represent individual cities. We know from experience; our elected representatives are not transparent about their regional mission.   For years, Julie Pierce hid in the shadows without any transparency.  Pierce promised her Clayton Supporters one thing and then stabbed them in the back at the regional level before returning to city council where she routinely lies, “sorry my hands are tied. But I can’t risk City Finances” Clayton has woken up!  We know that Julie not only supports our greatest challenge, but she designed it.

Julie Pierce has decided to not even run for Clayton City Council.  As of December 2020, Pierce will be an unelected citizen.

But Julie Pierce is too important to the Regional Effort, the Forfeiture of our self-governance. Julie has asked for special consideration to serve on Regional Effort without being an elected Official.  Please let this sink in.  Non-elected official making decisions on your behalf from a distance without accountability.   Regardless of which you side you are on, we agree that we vote for elected officials to represent us.

-pg. 3 Contra Cost Mayor Council Meeting Agenda (Click here for full agenda), Oct 1, 2020 (last night)…

Julie Pierce is currently heavily involved in work to adopt Plan Bay Area 2050 and work of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) methodology committee. She has a deep understanding of the issues and background of each of these processes. Julie has indicated a willingness to serve out the balance of her ABAG term of office through June 30, 2021 if such is the will of a majority of the Mayors Conference members.

Mayor Pierce is not running for reelection to the Clayton City Council this year. This means her term of office in Clayton will end in December 2020 when election results are certified. ABAG bylaws do not require that a person representing Contra Costa cities on the ABAG Board must be an elected official.

ABAG Bylaws do “not require” members of ABAG Board to be an elected official.  But should they?  Of course, they should!  Currently, 35 of 35 (100%) representatives on Executive Board are elected officials.  This is not a coincidence, but rather evidence that it is in the spirit of ABAG and represented municipalities. Click Here…

“if it is the will of a majority of the Mayors Conference Members”So Julie’s Constituents are Mayors of other Cities.  What about the will of Citizens of Clayton?  Has Julie Pierce asked Clayton for permission to represent us on ABAG as an elected official? No, Never.   But now she represents us as an unelected official?  Her Arrogance to not step down and allow for the people to choose for themselves who should represent them.

Julie’s Plan is to skip the annoyance that is Clayton Election and façade of representation by asking for special exception to represent herself and the Bay Area as a whole without voter approval on any level.  Meanwhile, she will control Clayton through her proxies.

Julie (ABAG) will continue to push her agenda through her proxies, who they, themselves, actively support regional control.  Julie has a history of blessing candidates, who then are elected to city council and vote in line with Julie 100% of the time on every significant agenda item. (Click here…)  Except one vote from Councilmember Diaz, the Council has voted unanimously. Not just sometimes either – for nearly 400 different votes, 100% of the time since January 2014-2018 the votes have been unanimous.  Combine this with her efforts at a regional level and you have a cancer that has spread throughout our chain of representation.

For many years, our Clayton Council Meetings repeated versions of this statement: “It was moved by Vice Mayor Pierce, seconded by Mayor Catalano.”  Replace Catalano with any of the former politicians in Julie’s Pac.  Many are found on Catalano’s Endorsement Page.

The Redundancy of group think over the years with 5-0 votes illustrates a lack of diversity on our city council.  The entire concept of City Council is to have 5 sets of eyes.  We have never had this because we continue to vote for Julie Pierce’s Tentacles.

Please do your research, but if you don’t have the time, which is what these politicians rely upon, then remember thisJulie Pierce is synonymous with Big Tobacco when casting your votes.  If Julie supports it, then stay away from it. 

In 2020, Julie has publicly supported 3 candidates who have morphed into 1 campaign. You can easily identify that 1 entity is seeking 3 votes.  Evidence is in form of support from our high density agents’ websites/posts, signs grouped in unison on our city streets, carbon copy ads in local paper, and on Julie Pierce’s Front Lawn.

If you dive into their campaign contributions, receipts are unbecoming of those received by the “average citizen.” The spirit of a city council should be representation from average citizen and not extension of regional agenda.

Julie Pierce Publicly Supports Following Candidates:

Tuija Catalano / The Committee to Re-Elect Tuija Catalano

  • ABAG Alternate on behalf of Julie Pierce’s Absence
  • Endorsement on Catalano Candidate Site along with Julie’s Former Councilmen Proxies and Wolfe, who Julie pushed forward and who also votes in line with Julie
  • Catalano Campaign Sign on Pierce’s Lawn
  • Noticeable FundingFormer Mayor Robert Hoyer can benefit from Olivia Success.  Keith Haydon who is married to Cindy Haydon, a person caught deleting a council candidate’s information on ND while husband was the mayor.

Peter Cloven / The Committee to Elect Peter Cloven

  • Member of TransPac alongside Julie Pierce.  Considering size of member cities and limited seats on TransPac, you don’t just become a member without approval from Julie Pierce
  • Why did Cloven choose to exclude TransPac From his Campaign Page that listed his affiliations? 
  • Cloven states:In today’s challenging times, pressures on Clayton are being brought to bear to by larger bureaucratic entities (e.g., Sacramento)”
  • Cloven Is: “a member of bureaucratic entity who brings pressures onto Clayton.”
  • Why did he hide his membership unless intentionally misleading us?  This is not an oversight. Don’t forget Cloven voted against Environmental Impact Review for Olivia Project.  The downside to doing so is difficult for him to explain; so, he will focus on flag ceremonies as distractions.  Are you not tired of people lying to you even with a smile?
  • Cloven Campaign Sign is on Pierce’s Lawn
  • Noticeable Funding:  Robert Hoyer who can benefit from Olivia Success. Cindy Haydon again.  Dee VieriaTerri Denslow.

Holly Tillman / The Committee to Elect Holly Tillman

  • Holly was smart to remove endorsement page from website, but Clayton already saw it.
  • Tillman Campaign Sign is on Pierce’s Lawn
  • Noticeable Funding totaled $9092.44!!!!!! –  not representative average citizen.
  • Out of State Donations: Julie Wenger of Wheaton Illinois / Luther Alexander of Decatur Georgia
  • Outside of Clayton: Greg Loos Oakland Citizen / Christopher Chaudoir San Mateo Citizen and Chevron Attorney / Mark Robeson Resident of Moraga / Brian Mulligan Walnut Creek, CA / Bryce Ikeda Concord Resident / William Stevens $500 DonationDanville Resident interested influencing Clayton?
  • Others:  Masano Morimoto, Alameda County DA Office / Patricia Middendorf  who was on committee that chose David Linzey for Clayton Valley (Click Here…),  (”It was just two years ago that Middendorf was on the committee that chose Linzey as executive director to run the newly chartered high school”) / Aaron Levy – publicly criticized Clayton Police  /  Keith Haydon Former Mayor and Council Member who votes in lock step with Julie Pierce; also spouse  of NextDoor Suppressor Cindy Haydon /  Dee Vieria

Pierce does not support these candidates:

Jim Diaz Funding: $50 Total which sourced from 1 Clayton Resident
Glenn Miller Funding: ZERO – Self Funded
Frank Gavidia Funding: ZERO – Self Funded AND pledged to donate Council Salary to City; matching his policy where he currently donates his Planning Commission Salary

Summary: Please educate yourselves.  This election is too important.  Turn off the Game, Turn off HGTV Househunters, and look into these issues that are real and will impact your happiness and safety.   If not, you will soon be the House Hunter after our little town experiences the domino effect that Pierce’s Regional Power and other outside influences wish to push down onto us.  Whether for profit or politics, they have an agenda that is external to Clayton and whether we agree on policies, we should all agree that we retain the right to represent ourselves.

Vote to Keep Local Control!!!

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