Is Terri Denslow Calling Frank Gavidia a White Supremacist? -

Is Terri Denslow Calling Frank Gavidia a White Supremacist?

In another desperate move,  current Planning Commissioner and Catalano supporter Terri Denslow ‘s latest accusation is to call Frank Gavidia, a Hispanic/Latino son of Central American immigrants, a white supremacist!  Here is the comment Denslow put on Council Member Catalano’s Facebook page on September 18th…


Denslow - White Supremacist


Again, Frank is Hispanic/Latino, the son of Central American immigrants.  Catalano and Denslow constantly talk about “inclusivity.”  They say Clayton has racists.  This is not the first time Denslow has called a minority racist.  In 2019 Denslow called Council Member Jeff Wan a racist.  This was reported in the January 11, 2020 video shown here…


VIDEO: Why Does Terri Denslow Think Clayton Residents and members of the City Council are Racists?


When all else fails folks, Catalano and her supporters show their true colors, calling a Hispanic man, a minority a person of color as they like to say, a white supremacist.  This is truly laughable.  And it’s all being done to spin the fact that Council Member Catalano donated not once but twice to the State Senator who wants to end zoning for your home.  As for Terri Denslow, she should resign from the planning commission immediately.

This desperate flailing by Denslow shows that she knows if Catalano is not on the Council to protect her, then she’ll be removed from the Planning Commission.

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Denslow is going to eventually get herself into so much trouble she’ll have no choice to leave.

Just wondering where the other candidates come down on this sort of rhetoric?

Also and, I am sorry to point this out, what does this have to do with making sure you get the services that your taxes and assessments that you pay for are actually completed? Shouldn’t that be the #1 priority of a Councilperson?

According to her, NOT everyone is inclusive I guess, “Do the right thing” seems to have taken a back seat here. Very sad for our community.

Smells like the most racist person in town is Denslow. Her race-baiting and pitting of neighbors against each other is deplorable.
Can’t believe the town doesn’t remove her from planing commission.
Other towns would have months ago.

Three years ago Denslow decided she wanted to live in our angelic little Clayton, but it wasn’t inclusive enough for her, it wasn’t welcoming enough for parolee housing, there was not enough high density apartments for her, it was not diverse enough for her and heck, there wasn’t even a gas station that she wants. Therefore, we are all wrong about why we moved here and what we love about our little town, so we must all change to accommodate her needs. As she pushes harder for her agenda, her attacks on city council members, council candidates, fellow planning commissioners and Clayton citizens are becoming more and more aggressive, condescending and degrading.

Does this sound like someone we want representing us on the planning commission?

My question is, why in the heck did she move here? Why didn’t she find a city that better suits her needs? It is a choice.

It is time our city leadership starts the process of her removal from office.

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