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Fight High-Density Apartments

Please Help Fight the 3-Story, High-Density Apartment Buildings in Historic Downtown.

By Bill Walcutt (Former Clayton Mayor)

Jordan Property

The proposed 3 buildings will be as tall as the telephone pole and 8 inches from the sidewalk. Every tree seen in this picture will be cut down.
(as viewed on Marsh Creek Rd. from Ed’s Mudville)

I saw a recent straw poll that indicated 88% of the respondents were opposed to high-density housing in historic downtown Clayton. I would guess if you polled the entire city it would be over 95%.

Yet two council candidates, Tuija Catalano and Peter Cloven, voted for a 3-story, 3-building, 81-unit high-density apartment development in historic downtown, and then blamed their vote on the state. They played the blame game.

What is more sickening is what Catalano so arrogantly stated in a Clayton Pioneer op-ed-piece: “If you don’t like our decisions you can file a lawsuit.”

In other words, if you don’t like what I have done then you, the citizen, must take on the financial burden of a lawsuit. You have to fight it, not me. Great representation!

“If you don’t like our decisions you can file a lawsuit.”

– Councilmember Tuija Catalano

Furthermore, it appears she really did not care that this project would destroy our historic downtown and that it would completely destroy our Stranahan, Easley and downtown neighbor’s quality of life. It’s the state’s fault after all.  “You can’t blame me. You can file a lawsuit.” Pretty disgusting!

Candidates Catalano and Cloven, I hope you’re feeling really good that you have placed a financial burden and all the legal costs of a lawsuit on our Stranahan neighbors. This project will so completely destroy their way of life that they are willing to take on this burden by themselves. It must be pretty comforting for both of you sitting in your homes knowing that you will never be a burdened by a high-density apartment building in your backyard. And I would be willing to bet neither one of you contributed to the lawsuit to help them out.

Clayton residents, this project will completely destroy our little town forever. Once built, there is no turning back and it will impact all of us, not just Stranahan. And there will be more to follow. Just ask Catalano. Unfortunately, the only way to fight it now is through legal means by helping a small group of our Stranahan neighbors fund the lawsuit. Tuija Catalano, you got what you wanted – a lawsuit.

This is ground zero for the high density fight. So, please consider helping our Stranahan neighbors save our town by contributing to the lawsuit. Any amount will help. It’s easy.  There’s a GoFundMe fundraiser account below:


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.


Bill Walcutt

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