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High-Density Housing Thread Pulled Down From Nextdoor!

Over the past 2 days, a highly informative discussion about the history and causes of Clayton’s recent high-density housing problem had been occurring on a Nextdoor thread.   But last night the thread suddenly disappeared.

Council member Catalano is incorrect – Former Clayton Mayor Bill Walcutt, the author of the thread, did NOT delete it.

Apparently, a small group of individuals that wants to continue keeping Clayton residents in the dark about future high-density housing plans in Clayton was able to get Mr. Walcutt’s Nextdoor thread pulled down.  This underscores the ongoing lack of transparency problem that has been plaguing Clayton for many years.

Luckily, the thread was saved.

See the complete Nextdoor thread below in its entirety, unaltered and no edits.

Bill Walcutt Nextdoor Thread

Comments (4)

No surprise it was or could be taken down. Next door leads or “neighbor Nazis“ have too much power to look over the back fence at their neighbors posts they don’t agree with and have them removed and also have people banned. Our former mayor Haddon’s wife did just that but it was exposed.


Well wait until you see who was responsible for taking it down! Catalano’s surrogates are spending all their time online constantly trying to silence debates.

Ridiculous you would accuse Catalano of doing this. The author or the leads are the only ones that can take down a post or thread. The leads weigh heavily on the side of this save Clayton group. Makes no sense that it would be Catalano or “surrogates”. You should place your energy where it’s useful.

What’s most glaring of all, and what all of you high-density housing advocates ignore, is that one of the complaints to shut down Mr. Walcutt’s Nextdoor thread came from none other than your fellow high-density housing advocate, Catalano supporter and current Clayton Planning Commissioner Terri Denslow. She’s always espousing the need for dialogue, engagement and need for information, yet she turns around and votes to shut down a credible and informative voice from the opposition. Once again she proves her hypocrisy and irrelevance.

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