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Brian Buddell for Clayton City Council


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Hi, I am Brian Buddell and I am running for Clayton City Council in November.

Having friends who have lived in Clayton for decades, I have long been familiar with the small-town charm, values and safety of Clayton.

Based on that familiarity, my family and I moved here a little over three years ago to adopt Clayton as our home town and to make it a permanent part of our life.

Unfortunately, a threat has recently emerged to our special little city.

Within the past year-and-a-half, our current City Council has passed ordinances which: a) Allow an increase in high-density housing; and b) Provide a path for parolee housing within our city limits—some within 1000’ feet of our schools and child daycares. Our City Council also entered into an exclusive sale agreement for a downtown lot which, had it moved forward, would have negatively changed the character of our quaint downtown area forever—all for money. Significantly, all of the above was done over the loud objections of an overwhelming majority of Clayton residents.

This must stop. It’s time for our City Council to start listening to the people of Clayton and to start making the safety and protection of the Clayton we love as its #1 priority.

As a City Council Member, I will do just that—even if it means taking on the State, County or any other entity which may threaten our community. Our city, citizens and way of life are far too wonderful to accept anything less.

If elected, you can count on me to deliver the following:

  • Information: Through various means, I will keep you well-informed about proposals that will significantly change our city and/or way of life so that your voices can be heard BEFORE a decision is made.
  • TWO-Way Communication: I will host regular town hall meetings and other get-togethers that give citizens a forum to air their concerns that is more than a 3-minute presentation at a City Council meeting. During these get-togethers, I will listen to ALL concerns and provide whatever answers and insight I can. I will also respond to your emails. No holds barred, if it is a concern to you (no matter how big or small), I want to hear about it.
  • Representation: The primary job description of an elected official is to uphold the will of the people. If elected, I will vote as you tell me to vote–not just however I feel like.
  • Freedom from Outside Influence: Unlike current City Council Members, as both a candidate and Council Member, I will not accept campaign contributions or donations from individuals, businesses, developers or organizations outside of Clayton. Such entities will not always have Clayton’s best interest in mind and I certainly do not want to owe them a “debt” or a favor.

Simply put, our city and way of life is being threatened—but it’s not too late to change that. I’m asking for your vote in November to help make that change.

In the coming weeks, I will provide further information about me and my candidacy through various means. I will also be inviting all candidates to participate in a public debate well before the election so that our respective positions can be presented and vetted–however, for now, should you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at brianbuddellforcitycouncil@gmail. Similarly, if you happen to run into me around town, please feel free to say “Hi” and/or let me know what is on your mind.

Thanks for reading and, again, I hope to have your vote and support on November 6.


Brian Buddell

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Thank you Brian Buddell for your involvement. As an attorney, you must have a strong understanding of AB109 and how our community can respond to the transfer of responsibility of Paroles to the County and how we can protect our City. Surely, there must be another option for Clayton.

You go boooooyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

You go Boooooyyyy!!!!!

It’s always a tricky thing for a politician to say I’ll do as the voters want. It becomes a putting the cart ahead of the horse scenario. Will you just rubber stamp the feedback from voters or lead and inspire a direction for our city?

Yes, the voters need to be heard, but an elected official also needs to project a vision.

Hi Larry,

I don’t view it as simply a rubber stamp but more like “upholding the will of the community.” Ultimately, this city government is a representative democracy–not an oligarchy of 5 “elders” who vote their will and are not be questioned.

For over a year, the current city council has acted in direct contradiction to what was an overwhelming majority of public opinion on multiple occasions. In so doing, they have attempted to justify their actions by stating “the citizens just don’t understand” (with the latest example being Mayor Haydon’s column in the 8/10/18 edition of the Clayton Pioneer concerning the parolee housing issue). That is unacceptable.

I believe the citizens of Clayton are an educated and intelligent group who generally know what is right for themselves–and they certainly know what they want. As an elected politician, it is not my role to tell them how to think. I work for them and giving them a direct voice in this government is a principle I will not compromise.

-Brian Buddell

I agree with what you said, but would like to also hear your vision for our city.

Hi Again Larry,

My vision is actually pretty simple: I want to keep Clayton Clayton.

I want to maintain the safety and small-town charm that have kept many of citizens here for decades and have drawn others here recently.

We don’t need big multi-story developments or threats to our children in the form of parolee housing less than two blocks from our schools.

As a council member, I will fight to the end to protect those values. Several current council members have said the same thing but their recent actions show a different agenda. That will never be a problem with me.

My vision is to also inspire others to get involved. I do not intend nor want to be a multi-multi-term politician. Once we get things back on course, I will happily pass the reins to another “generation” to carry on the mission.

Hope that helps.


When I voted for City Council members, I was not voting for their “visions” of how they personally think Clayton should be. I was voting to ensure the community stays safe by support of ordinances that maintain that. I voted for transparency and a connected panel of people that had the heart of our small town in mind when they conducted business with outsiders. And I expected outreach and commitment to delivering information about current issues that influenced our city. I also voted for our small family town to have people at her helm that would look on the citizens as having value and integrity rather than condescending tones, eye rolling and outbursts. It is certainly not too much to ask that I be treated respectfully and without hostility when speaking against a proposed ordinance, is it? Based on what I have seen, it appears that it is. I’m not okay with that, are you?
I encourage any one with questions to email Brian directly at the email provided. You will get an honest and thoughtful answer. If that’s what you’re really after, anyway. Some may not be. Just sayin’. ?‍♀️

I’ve lived here for 7 years. Know what I see? Plans for high density housing. Plans for parolee Housing. Plans for high-density buildings in downtown.

The proof is out for all to see. The planning commission and city council members live here too, and yet they don’t seem to mind destroying the city we all love and cherish. And they like it his way too. It’s all about politics. The city council members (namely 26 year veteran Julie Pierce), along with Mindy Gentry and Gary Napper are taking us down a dangerous road. The same road Mindy Gentry took as she destroyed Antioch when she was Development Director. And despite all the Clayton citizen’s outrage, rather than voting for the people they are supposed to represent, they vote for their special interests. Parolees are already here, and we will see many more as these planned high-density developments are completed.

Thank you, Brian! I have been at city council meetings with you and appreciate your passion for our city.

Tiodd, the high density designation has been on the 55 plus community. It’s not a new change or something just thought of now. It’s been there for about 15 years. The market is ripe for development.

Brian, the lots were always zoned up to 20 units per acre. Housing Element law requires it to now be a minimum of 20 units per acre. As an attorney you will agree that this should be that right? I would think you want to uphold the laws given your schooling and background.

Teddy Ballgame, an old friend of CW Wolfe and a member of the Clayton Club/Pete Laurence crowd, was overheard saying that the fix was in for Jordan to get his 3-building 3-story 81 unit stack-and-and-pack Antioch-style high-density housing next to downtown if Wolfe and Shuey are elected.

Are you saying that the high density minimum should have been left alone at 15.1 units per acre?

Contra costa times support shoe and cw today in paper.

Alison Snow is the face of save Clayton. )))

Johanna Welch for clayton council too. She is the new face for change here. Alison too.

Brian, who is next on your sour apples approac to government? You even hit the Clayton pioneer!!!!!! No one is safe here.

I know Teddy Ballgame, he cant. be a credible witness for his claims as written here.

Brian and Jeff, please respond to Contra Costa Times rag in editorial area with a response to the endorsement of Shuey and CW. They missed your points. Hanging on for you two. )))) The media….!!!

All the negativity from our side shot you and Jeff in the foot. Johanna, Jim, Glenn, Matt Huber, and especially Alison killed our chances. They blew it. Imho.

Couldn’t agree with you more.

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