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Jeff Wan for Clayton City Council

Jeff Wan City Council

The impetus for me running was in response to Council activity over the last several years, culminating in the latest approach to high density and parolee housing in the city. I think the approach of the council has not been creative, or responsive enough to the interests of Clayton residents and think we can do better with a new voice on the council.

When things are going well, I think most are content to let them continue, as am I. It’s when we see a need for change that I hope people can step up and take action to improve what’s in our ability to improve. I been a resident for nearly 10 years, and have a strong desire to see Clayton continue to be a great place to raise a family.

I have setup the following website to discuss current issues that are important in this election:

You can also follow me on Facebook:

Please spread the word and encourage your friends and family to do the same. I hope to get your support and your vote.



Jeff Wan

Comments (20)

If you don’t support the general plan of City of Clayton, how do you represent the people of Clayton? You have stated this many times as it goes for some of the issues at hand which you don’t have a clear understanding of how city governments work.

Many things you say are wrong are taken out of context. Sorry, but experience matters.

The latest approach to high density? What is that mean? Its been there since the 2004. Please explain.

It’s misleading to just say that “it’s been there since 2004”. In 2004 the zoning would not have allowed for Antioch-style 3-building 3-story 81 apartment rentals stuffed into 1.5 acres of developable land with just .65 parking spots per unit. Most of this has happened over the past 7 years when the City Council and Planning Commission kept revising the general and town center plans to allow for denser and denser housing developments. Just last year Dave Shuey and Carl Wolfe voted to grant exclusions to developer Bill Jordan for his pending 3-building 3-story 81 unit high-density apartment rental development next to downtown.

Jeff wan does not share the vision of the town center Specific Plan. Or the general plan. Or the zoning.

He and Buddell have good intentions but are misinformed on policy and procedure.

Jeff Wan and Brian Buddell are the voice for the people. Dave Shuey and CW Wolfe, as they have consistently shown by their votes, are PRO Antioch-style high-density housing, and are in the back pocket of big development like Bill Jordan.

Vote for wan and Buddell. Two novices with great ideas. No experience but experts on city government. Wink wink.

Wolfe an expert in city government??? He’s been calling himself a Planning Commission volunteer for the last year and a half. He’s too ashamed to admit in public he was a creative director for Ronald McDonald commercials for 49 years. He’s nothing more than a “yes” man for Julie Pierce, Gary Napper and Mindy Gentry.

Thanks to both Wolfe and Shuey, Clayton is now poised for Antioch-style 3-story high-density apartment rentals.

Everyone needs a place to live We need to share our city. It’s mostly a ownership place. Diversity.

Contra costa times support Shoe and CW in newspapers today.

Alison Snow for city council next time.

Johanna Welsh should be added to the list of council member for next time.

Are we better than Antioch?

Jeff. The city is in need of building new affordable housing. It’s in staff report for planning commission in June. High density can’t be changed or moved to a different lot.

I still think you need to brush up on the housing element law Beothuk day you want to downsize zoning. This is an unrealistic claim imho. The dimensions are there, come up with a better plan and give to developer. Stop the negativity and provide some solutions for the properties. Surely you know architects in your sphere of influence.

Jeff, the Times like Shoe and CW in todays paper they endorsed them. Write a response to them in letters to the editor. Buddell could do one too. Hanging on for you.)))

Jeff you are really long winded….

All these negative comments are making us look bad. If we want this election we need to be honest and accurate. Just imho.

Jim gamble stop. Johanna stop. Alison omg. Stop! And all the other regulars. You are hurting our candidates Wan and Buddell.

All the negativity didn’t help us. ((((.

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