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Clayton Resident Voices Concern Over Pierce and Catalano Hijacking City Manager Selection Process

This Clayton resident is saying what most are thinking:  Mayor Catalano and Vice Mayor Pierce have their own personal agendas and are not representing the people.  Unfortunately Catalaono cut him off, but he was still able to get his spot-on point across.

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What this gentleman says is true: Catalano and Pierce act as ONE. They meet ahead of time and decide what THEY want. They do not care about Clayton; they want POWER.

Why do Catalano and Pierce think they are in charge of Clayton…? When will the residents be heard and gain control over our town? There has got to be a way to do some housekeeping and remove those that have served too many years in these positions! ?

They need to be recalled

Clayton residents need these issues resolved, and we need a sustainable vision for our town in terms of its development , which currently seems to be stuck in the past. Clean up the downtown–make it more inviting and welcoming to new businesses–how about some new pots and flowering plants to spruce up the streets? Also, power-wash those streets.

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