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Clayton Mayor Wife Tries to Censor City Council Candidate

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting (9/18/18) it was revealed that Cindy Haydon, wife of Clayton Mayor Keith Haydon, attempted to censor a city council candidate. Ms. Haydon is a Lead Administrator on the website, and voted to remove current City Council candidate Brian Buddell from the site (See Below Video).

Cindy Haydon Remove

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Mayor Hayden is dead wrong about Nextdoor policy. He is also wrong about what his wife was trying to do, She filed a complaint to remove content and abused her position as a lead by then voting to remove the content of a candidate running for a seat her husband currently occupies. Her complaint immediately muted the content in her neighborhood thus depriving citizens from reading Brian’s content. Many people who support Brian Buddell and a Jeff Wan have been banned on Nextdoor. In addition, the City Council passed an ordinance restricting yard signs that are for political speech. Is this America or is this North Korea? The City Council and their gestapos don’t want any opposition anywhere,

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