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IMPORTANT! City Council Meeting – to Discuss Parolee Housing

City Council Meeting

Hey Everybody!

This Tuesday evening (July 17th at 7:00 PM, 2018) is a very important city council meeting.  There will be a public hearing to consider Mindy Gentry’s (Community Development Director)  proposed ordinance (No. 483) to invite parolee housing into the city of Clayton.  Your attendance at this meeting is critically important to make sure your voice is heard and is acted upon accordingly by the City Council.  (See details below in the upcoming meeting’s Agenda Item 7(b).)

We look forward to seeing you there this Tuesday, July 17th at 7:00 PM in the Clayton Library (Hoyer Hall), 6125 Clayton Rd.

Thank you!


Agenda Item 7 (b)

Public Hearing to consider the Introduction and First Reading of Ordinance No. 483 amending Title 17 – Zoning of the Clayton Municipal Code to restrict and regulate parolee homes in the following General Plan designations: Multifamily Low Density (MLD), Multifamily Medium Density (MMD), and Multifamily High Density (MHD), subject to a conditional use permit. (View Here) (Community Development Director)

Staff recommendations: 1) Receive the staff report; 2) Open the Public Hearing and receive public comment; 3) Close the Public Hearing; 4) Following Council discussion and subject to any change(s) in the proposed Ordinance, approve a motion to have the City Clerk read Ordinance No. 483 by title and number only and waive further reading; and 5) Following the City Clerk’s reading, approve a motion to adopt Ordinance No. 483 with the finding the adoption of this Ordinance is not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) because CEQA only applies to projects which have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment and this activity is not considered to be a project and can be seen with certainty that it will not have a significant effect or physical change to the environment.

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Why do they want to ruin such a quaint little town

How best can we make our voices heard if we can’t be there

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This is an important issue yes but not exclusive to Clayton, everyone seems to live in a bubble here. All city and towns deal with this issue. Marin seems to get asked all the time! I think Save Clayton needs to educate themselves on the bigger picture. It affects everyone, not just Clayton. It is no sinister plot to bring parolee housing it to Clayton, it is required for review by every town to vote on it. while I love living in Clayton I get sick of the single item activists that don’t realize that Concord, Walnut Creek, San Ramon etc. deal with the same stuff.

Nobody said it was a sinister plot. The issue is the City Council and Planning Commission’s approach to parolee housing. Their approach is to increase high-density housing areas and designating them as zones for parolee housing. That’s inviting the County non-profits to relocate parolee housing here. There are several ways to minimize parolee housing in Clayton, but the City Council and planning commission aren’t interested. Not rezoning to high-density- and implementing distance barriers are 2 effective ways to discourage the non-profits from locating parolees in Clayton.

Parolees have been living in Clayton over the past 50 years with no incident. The housing market here and proximity to public transit and job sources has kept the number of parolees in Clayton at a minimum, so there’s no need to pass ordinances that would encourage parolees to locate here. If you say we need to be educated, then educate us rather than just saying everyone else is doing it. None of those cities you mentioned have the type of parolee housing ordinance that the Clayton City council had passed. Just like Clayton, those cities have let the market decide whether or not parolees locate there, not an ordinance.

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