Clayton City Council Member Julie Pierce: Who is She Really Representing?

Tail Wagging Dog - Julie Pierce

Clayton, do your interests lie with linkage of county resources? Are you interested in promoting a county and region wide approach to transportation planning, land use and growth management?? Do you want to forfeit your representation to those in other cities & in other counties?

Example “Clayton is safe and therefore, their police department has bandwidth to absorb criminals in form of paroles; let’s place a make-shift prison in heart of Clayton.”

Or to place an 81-unit building (Includes low income housing (Welfare counts towards income component = no income)) on only a few acres that were purchased for price of their original zoning. Strong correlation between welfare and crime. If someone has an interest in county agenda or recognizes personal profit, then their concern for Clayton is secondary to their own self interests. Granted, I am also focused on self-interest, but my interests represent majority of Clayton Citizens – Safety, Schools, quaint downtown, less impact on our police and other city resources.

Is it not council’s role to represent you without conflict and if necessary, to challenge regional legislation that is not in line with City’s Best Interest? No wonder, we are one of 3 cities in County pushing for parole ordinance and we grant zoning amendments that represent County & Urban Footprint’s (consulting firm) Agendas.

Your interpretation that county and Sacramento rule our city meetings is not in your head.
Julie Pierce

Julie is the President of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Executive Committee. She is the ABAG delegate to MTC. She is a Council Member in the City of Clayton and Vice Chair of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA). Julie is the president of the California Council of Governments (CALCOG) where she serves as the CCTA delegate. She has been working on transportation, land use and growth management policy issues for 27 years, beginning in 1987, when she was appointed to TRANSPAC, the Central Contra Costa Regional Transportation Planning Committee.

She has served on the Clayton City Council and the CCTA since 1992, serving five times as mayor, and twice as chair of CCTA. Julie was recognized for her leadership by the Contra Costa Council in 1995 for the adoption of Contra Costa’s very first Countywide Comprehensive Transportation Plan, and was honored by the San Francisco Chapter of the Women’s Transportation Seminar with their 1998 Woman of the Year award.

Julie served as chair of Contra Costa’s Shaping Our Future Policy Committee, which brought elected officials and stakeholders from the cities and county together to develop a plan to strengthen the linkages between housing needs, jobs and transportation infrastructure. This effort lead to the Urban Limit Line consensus included as a basic tenet in the renewal of Contra Costa’s 2004 Growth Management policy in Measure J.

Julie also represents the Contra Costa cities on ABAG’s Regional Planning Committee and on the ABAG Executive Committee, where she was instrumental in the negotiation of the Plan Bay Area Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). Julie has been recognized locally, regionally and inter-regionally for her leadership, ability to build consensus from divergent views and for promoting a county and region wide approach to transportation planning, land use and growth management
1/19/18 Headline:

2 term president? Why did this small town’s councilwoman represent the Bay Area twice? Is she that good at carrying out their agenda? Do other council members spend more time on their own local/city affairs? Our population represents only 11,000 of 7,000,000 represented. It’s as if the backup long snapper went to midfield for the coin flip – in my opinion, it does not make sense. These organizations have large budgets; is there compensation component to chair/president roles? If so, does this create a conflict of interest?

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Personally I think that people need to realize that paroles are already amount Clayton,, 20 percent for low income families doesn’t mean they are trash,, would it really be that much of an unconvincing to have a 81 Unit place that is mainly for 55 yrs and over?? I think that people need to broaden their horizons,, look what this project would give to people rather than the negative,,

I agree Geri.

I’ve read some of what ABAG is about and have a question. Why do we as a small bedroom community have our people working this organization? Looks like a money grab to me.

Just my 2 cents. 😐

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