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81 Apartment Rentals Proposed Near Downtown

Jordan Parcel Map

The project now calls for 81 apartments. Not too long ago it was 45. The developer, William Jordan, has requested a Density Bonus, which is a state law and part of the Clayton municipal code (CMC Section 17.90), providing developers with a 35% increase in base density, hence the 81 units. This is contingent upon the provision of 11 percent of the units being affordable to households designated as very low income (7 units for this project). This Density Bonus law requires cities to grant incentives and concessions, such as parking reductions and reductions in development standards. This means each unit will have one parking spot per unit, and available guest and commercial parking can be reduced. The reduction in development standards could possibly mean cheaper and less aesthetics, smaller off-set distances from the street and height variances.

This sounds a lot like the Fulcrum project, except without the commercial and assisted-living component. Keep in mind, this is 81 high-density apartments. Perfect for the city’s parolee housing plan. It’s slated as senior housing, which is for age 55+, and up to 20% of co-inhabitants can be less than 55. This project was approved back in November, so construction could commence any day depending on completion of environmental impacts, other permitting and remaining public hearing requirements.

This is the link to the current project: Plans for 81 Apartments

The developer has resubmitted revised plans, and those should be up on the City’s website in the next week or two.

These are the other projects in the pipeline: Proposed Project List

To obtain additional information beyond what is contained on the website, you would have to make a Public Records Act request with the City to view the project files.

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Unbelievable,, so are you saying that these some 81 apartments is where paroles could live ? Since the zoning is for 55 + ,, in addition to 20 percent for low income,, what is the quality going to be? I would like the opportunity to possibly rent one as I’m 68 yrs old,, I live on a fixed income,, How many paroles would be able to rent these? Not sure how I feel about this,, that’s still adding many different factors into this equation,,

We moved here 14 years ago from Walnut Creek to escape the overbuilding and raise our kids. We love the small town feel of Clayton and don’t want to see it ruined with high density housing. Especially if that housing is going to be available to parolees. The guy on BART that just killed that poor child and critically injured her sister was a parolee too. The majority of them end up back in jail. Why would anyone want this for our town?

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