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Parolee Housing – What Would Orinda Do!

Parolee Housing - What Would Orinda Do?

When it comes to these issues, we only need to follow: WWOD?

What Would Orinda Do??

Orinda will not zone parole-specific land; rather, they will rely on market to insulate them from this non-issue. Pricing and lessor’s aversion to risk will ensure that we already have more protection than what is included in their offer for preemptively forfeiting our town. Only subsidized housing by “nonprofits,” will place a project next to your home. This will destroy your home’s value and trigger domino effect throughout Clayton similar to what they did to Eastern Contra Costa.

Don’t get conned – this con offers no early parole or 2nd chance.
Worker Bee, you get no remedy. You don’t even have the right to live in safety – the most basic right.

State’s focus is to reclaim assets through taxation and to redistribute to those who immediately spend all of it. Elites eliminate competition for assets, $ trickles up to their organizations often camouflaged as non-profits, and your taxes serve as the “S” in Debt Service Ratio so that low income can afford to pay interest to the few who are in power. “Paul Blanco works with 50 lenders……to qualify you”

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