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Why Do Two Planning Commissioners Keep Accusing People of Lying?

Terri Denslow, Bassa, Altwal - Liars

On multiple occasions now, both Planning Commissioners Denslow and Altwal have accused Vice Mayor Wan, and fellow Planning Commissioner and candidate for city council Frank Gavidia of lying.

Terri Denslow and Bassam Altwal - Liars

This is a bold claim, yet these two have never presented any evidence to prove their accusations. The burden of proof rests with the person making the claim. Something like this should be easy to back up with facts, so we challenge both of them to do so.

Both Denslow and Altwal are also outspoken supporters of Councilmember Catalano’s re-election campaign. Both are like her surrogates whose aim appears to be to sowing fear, tearing down, and silencing others. If you disagree, they label you a liar, or a racist.

Both of them will report posts on Nextdoor that support other candidates they disagree with and try and get them removed.  This continues a trend that Catalano started when she voted to unconstitutionally restrict free speech with an ordinance that was unenforceable and had to be undone.  It’s the type of game she plays.

These are the type of campaign supporters Catalano assembles. And it’s the behavior of two sitting Planning Commissioners who represent the city.  During the 2018 election, Catalano made an issue out of the Code of Fair Campaign Practices, which calls on candidates to repudiate support from those that engage in tactics they condemn.

We would hope that Catalano would not condone such behavior or tactics and renounce support for these appointed city representatives that she supported.

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