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Clayton Voters Reject Julie Pierce’s Tax Increase

Julie Pierce - Tax Increase

Julie Pierce strongly endorsed the Measure J countywide sales tax increase on the March 2020 ballot.

The Yes on J campaign mailed a card to thousands of voters across central Contra Costa County with Pierce’s photo, touting her endorsement.  Pierce represents central Contra Costa County on the board of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, which sponsored Measure J.

Contra Costa County voters rejected Pierce’s tax increase, which received just 51.6 percent “yes” votes, according to final unofficial results released by the County Elections Division on March 20th.  It needed two-thirds “yes” (66.66%) in order to pass.  If Pierce’s Measure J had passed, it would have raised the sales tax rate to 8.75%.

‘ Clayton voters were overwhelmingly opposed to Pierce’s tax increase, which garnered a mere 40.5 percent “yes” vote… ‘

Clayton voters were overwhelmingly opposed to Pierce’s tax increase, which garnered a mere 40.5 percent “yes” vote in her hometown. Clayton Precinct No. 102 voted 65 percent “no.”  Clayton Precinct No. 106 voted 67 percent “no.”  See:

Pierce is supposed to represent Clayton, but she continually votes against Clayton’s interests on regional bodies like the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Contra Costa Transportation Authority.  Clayton’s nearly 60 percent “no” vote against Pierce’s Measure J tax increase was a resounding vote of “no confidence” by the people of Clayton against Pierce’s leadership.

Pierce also championed the Regional Measure 3 bridge toll increases while she served on the Bay Area Toll Authority board circa 2017-18.  She sold out Clayton and Contra Costa County, which will subsidize Silicon Valley projects that have nothing to do with toll bridges in places where most people do not pay bridge tolls.  Clayton and Contra Costa County voted no on Regional Measure 3 in the June 2018 election (61.3 percent “no” in Clayton), but the bridge toll increase passed because voters elsewhere knew that Contra Costa County would disproportionately pay.

The people of Clayton should remember Julie Pierce’s betrayal of Clayton’s interests if she runs for re-election for Clayton City Council in November 2020.

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This Save Clayton site is an invaluable resource for a community with only one biased so called newspaper and a non-transparent city government Thank you for also posting the article about the Oakland Zoo. And sharing “support the local restaurants” message.

Pierce and Catalano need to go in November.

Mayor Pierce and Council member Catalano need to go. They don’t represent the people of Clayton. If you are so annoyed with our city folks…get off you computer and do something about it. Vote them out this November!

Ps. Dear Save Clayton…Thank you for being the beacon of truth in Clayton ?

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