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The Clayton Swamp Runs Deep…

Jordan Parcel Map

What Julie Pierce Doesn’t Want The Public To Know

Note: On Thursday morning, March 5, 2020 Brian Buddell made a post on analyzing the March 3rd Clayton City Council meeting where Julie Pierce, along with Tuija Catalano and C.W. Wolfe, voted to approve the highly controversial Jordan apartment development.   The post stayed up for a few hours until it was inexplicably deleted at the request of either Julie Pierce, her allies or both.  Here is the original complete and unedited post…


As we watched council members Pierce, Catalano and Wolfe fall in lockstep with predatory developer Bill Jordan to approve his horrible downtown project on Tuesday night, we were also shown just how deep and murky is the Clayton Swamp—and how far back it goes.

This revealed itself when former Clayton mayor and councilman Pete Laurence spoke in support of Bill Jordan and his project.

After striding to the lectern clutching a set of plans for Jordan’s project, Laurence let slip a mention that “we” designed this project.

That wouldn’t be significant on its own (given that he is a realtor)—but it is when combined with the fact that during his term in office, Laurence was instrumental in the re-zoning of the properties on which Jordan’s project is to be built—as was former mayor/Councilmember/realtor/(and Jordan partner) Howard Geller who had a similar verbal slip-up/admission at an earlier meeting (and hasn’t been seen at one since—I’m guessing on the advice of Jordan’s lawyer).

In other words, we now have pretty strong evidence that Pete Laurence and Howard Geller used their official capacity as elected officials to help enable a project in which they would later acquire an interest—and that, ladies and gentlemen, fits the definition of a quid pro quo.

And let’s not forget Mayor Julie Pierce’s involvement. As she patronizingly reminded us from her bully pulpit on Tuesday night, she has responsibility for every development in this city for the past 25+ years—and, bear in mind, while she has held and wielded that power, she has been an active participant in groups like ABAG which promote State and Countywide policies which are not consistent with what we hold dear to our way of life in Clayton. I’m sure her friends on ABAG and in Sacramento are thrilled with her now-realized effort to usher high-density housing into Clayton.

We also learned on Tuesday that former Clayton mayor, Bob Hoyer sold one of his properties (located next to the Jordan project) to Bill Jordan for well above market value—which will allow Jordan to try to expand his monstrous project and further ruin our downtown. I guess $1.6 Million (for a tiny lot) is the right price to sell out your neighbors and community.

Finally, we have Tuija “Big Development” Catalano who, true to the interests of the developer clients she represents as an attorney, maintained her perfect record of supporting and/or approving any large development proposed in Clayton during her tenure as both a planning commissioner and now council member.

What was particularly telling about Catalano’s vote on Tuesday was how: 1) She personally attacked the lawyer hired by several residents who dared to challenge this project (and right in front of his clients—which is an ethical violation under California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct); and 2) Rejected outright a request from Councilmember Jeff Wan to put off the vote to allow time for a more thorough study of some questions/issues regarding the impact of this project for which even our city attorney had no answer (because it would delay the project from going forward). To be sure, Catalano was all in on this project and was not to be deterred—and I’m sure her clients are thrilled with the outcome because the door is now open for them.

Serious allegations? You bet they are—and I stand by them.

It is truly time to drain the Clayton swamp in November. No more realtors, no more real estate attorneys and no more Julie Pierce on our City Council. Let them promote and further their ambitions/interests/agendas on their own time and with their own money and property values, not ours.

Enough is enough, folks—because your neighborhood could be next. Don’t believe me? Conspiracy theory? Can’t happen to you? Ask the folks in Stranahan about that.

– Brian Buddell

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Thank you Brian for exposing this. It’s obvious how Bob Hoyer benefits from this boondoggle, but do you know how the others benefit (without getting yourself in legal jeopardy)?

Thank you Brian…It’s sad people will do for money! We need to VOTE THEM OUT and take back our town of Clayton!

Time to look into Carl Wolfe’s background too = lets’ see if he an Mr. Jordan’s paths’ have crossed in the past. There is a strong indication they may have.

We were successful in voting out David Shuey last election, now it’s time to get rid of Julie Pierce and Catalano come Novermber.

Typical BS censorship by these bastards. Nextdoor and Julie Pierce as well as Catalano can take a flying leap! Wolfe WTH? I voted for you buddy.

Can anything be done to change the outcome of the city council vote? Appeals by the community? I was just wondering if we have any legal means to fight this decision at this point?

Guy who had to listen to a Pete.

Pete is a blowhard. Lining his pockets. First to tell you how much he’s made.

I am also very disappointed in Wolfe who ran on “responsible growth.” I certainly do not consider this “responsible growth.” Others I know friendly with our leaders are very disappointed in their vote in favor of this project.

Wolfe had his campaign kickoff at Julie’s House. Wake Up People! Anything associated to Julie Pierce must go. Catalano…..

On tv, political ads often confuse the audience. Wait for the end to learn who paid for ad. Same thing here – Julie Pierce is our Phillip Morris

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